5 Ways to Use Glassware in Your Home

Glassware in Your HomeDecorating your home is a fun and worthwhile endeavor. By adding to your home’s unique look, you make it more inviting for guests – and, of course, more enjoyable for yourself. Decorating creates a sense of charm and personality in a home. One of the most popular ways of adding a little bit of shine and elegance to any space is to use glassware. Here are a few ways you can work it into your decorating scheme.

  1. Fill vases with fresh flowers. One of the most popular ways to use a vase is to fill it with flowers. If you have a flower garden, it can be relaxing and fun to cut fresh flowers and place them in a vase. Keep it in any room of the house that needs a bright pop of color or a fresh, floral scent. Even if you don’t have fresh flowers, you can still use silk flowers or other artificial plants to keep the bright look of Mother Nature present within your home.
  2. Use bowls to hold fresh fruit.If you want to present your fruit in a creative way, why not try placing them in glass bowls? Organize your fruits and veggies so that they look appealing through the glass – mix and match shapes and colors, or simply divide the fruits into their own uniquely-shaped bowls to add a sense of organized chaos to your kitchen.
  3. Use a vase as a candle holder. By filling a glass vase with water, you can easily use it as a candle holder. Floating candles will look romantic and elegant in any room. However, you can also fill the vase with sand, pebbles, dried pasta, lavender, herbs, or any other item you can think of. As long as the flame is positioned away from the material, you can use just about anything to personalize your vase!
  4. Place old wine corks in your vases. If you collect wine corks, as some connoisseurs do, keep them in your glass vases. The corks add a worldly feel to your home and definitely look good displayed through crystal-clear glass.Glassware in Your Home1
  5. Use a vase to hold your utensils. If you’ve found yourself at a loss for space in your kitchen, why not upcycle old glasses, vases, or bowls to be utensil holders? You can paint over them or leave them as is – it’s all part of your own personal charm that you want to cultivate within your home.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Home with Rugs

RugsRugs can be cheap and simple, expensive and ornate, or completely out of the ordinary, depending on your tastes. Sure, you’ve considered decorating with a rug because you think it just seems right – but have you considered the other benefits that rugs can bring to your home? Here are some of the best reasons to purchase one!

  1. They act as a sound absorber. Because of this, they make great accents to large rooms; particularly those with vaulted ceilings. In an open space, sound tends to echo. If you have a television set or radio in that room, it can help to place rugs on the floor. Acting as natural sound insulation, they’ll reduce some of the reverberation and keep your home quieter all day long. If you want noise reduction, choose a large rug for your room of choice.
  2. They absorb heat well. Rugs are great for homes that have mostly hardwood or linoleum floors. They not only absorb sound waves; they also absorb heat. During chilly winter months, these hard floors tend to lose heat quickly. By placing a rug in the room, you create a hotspot for all the warm air. For heat absorption, choose a sheepskin rug, particularly in a shag style.You’ll love having a fuzzy, warm place for your feet to land when it’s a cold winter night!
  3. They make a great cushion for new furniture. When you move new furniture into your home, you know how rough the process can be. Floors can become easily scratched when you move a heavy couch or sofa across them; hardwood floors are particularly at risk. By placing a rug underneath the feet of the furniture, you can protect your floors from those scratches and scrapes.
  4. They make a great statement. Rugs area easily interchangeable, which means that it’s easy to make a great decorative statement with them. Wool rugs are by far the most common style, and they come in fantastic patterns, colors, and a wide range of sizes. You can find something perfect for your needs with very little effort. And the best part? They’re one of the most affordable types of rugs available.
  5. They create a safe space for baby to play. If you have a baby – especially one who’s learning to crawl – having a rug placed on the ground can protect them from injuring themselves on a hard floor. Additionally, they love soft textures and bright colors!

Book Case

So you are looking for somewhere to store your books? Need something to show off your collection of albums and photos? Well, you probably need to think about a bookcase, but which one should you choose?

There are a lot to choose and many places both online and on the high street to choose from. Obviously, the look and decor of the room it is going into is important, along with the style you are looking to create in your home.

  • Wood or Steel?

There are various types of wood available when it comes to furniture. You can often choose from real wood such as oak, teak, ash, walnut and mahogany. All of these are strong and hard wearing, but also resistant to warping. You can also choose a more modern material like steel and glass which is stronger than wood and so can offer designs with a thinner profile. Sometimes you will find pieces with a mixture of these materials to provide a strong bookcase with the soft traditional side that wood can offer.

  • Style and Design

There are lots of different styles that will make the perfect match for your look. From the more traditional to the modern, there is something for most people. Online stores like the one at Chest of Drawers, offer a wide variety of designs made from a range of materials. They are part of a new range of sites that are offering the convenience of flat pack design, with the stronger and more resilient materials.

The design of the bookcase is also important, with the traditional straight shelves and doors the the more quirky bric a brac design with its collection of irregular units inside a frame. It all depends on what you are looking for in your display, and what you have to show off.

Along with the material and the design, you also have to consider the size of the space you have to accommodate the bookcase. There are usually pieces of the same type available in different sizes to meet your requirements.

Whatever style or material you choose, a bookcase can provide a striking yet practical approach to storage while giving you the perfect frame with which to show off your things. Bookcases are not just for books of course, they are to showcase anything that you want people to see, from pictures to music and ornaments, the choice is yours.

Book Case Collections

Chest of drawers offer several book case collections that are sure to meet the needs of any family.  We understand the benefits of collections because they work well together if you need more than one shelf in your home. Matching furniture goes a long way in making a home look polished.

The M Collection

Book cases don’t need to be boring.  The M collection comes in a variety of sizes to meet all of your book case needs. They boast an interesting design with asymmetrical lines for a modern style appeal without being gaudy. They can be adorned for modern style or kept simple for a more elegant look.

Iberian Collection

If you prefer book cases with clean, simple lines, the Iberian Collection is for you. This collection comes in two color choices. One is white and the other is black. These two simple color choices will fit in to any home décor and are sure to add a polished look to your home. The Iberian Collection comes in three sizes: three shelves, four shelves, and five shelves. They are excellent on their own or as a set and can be placed together or in various points throughout your home to help tie each room together subtly.

Shadow Oak

For our customers that prefer to only have oak wood products in their homes, we have developed the Shadow Oak collection of book cases. The Shadow Oak Collection has three different book shelves. One is a lighter colored corner shelf that is ideal for small spaces or odd corners you want to adorn but may be struggling to find something to put in. The other two book shelves have cabinets on the bottom and are meant for a standard wall area. One of them has a single cabinet door and the other one is wide and has two cabinet doors. The Oak Collection is made with only the finest quality oak wood and will fit well in any design home. Just like the Iberian Collection, these cases are ideal to place together or throughout your home to help subtly complete each room as part of your home as a whole.

No matter what space you have or what your needs or wants are, Chest of Drawers is sure to have something that will fit perfectly in your home and meet the needs of you and your family. We have free shipping on qualified purchases and have an excellent life time guarantee.

Bed Throw

Your bed should be the most comfortable place in the home. Blankets,  fluffy duvets, soft sheets, and a perfect pillow equal a good nights sleep. How about those days when you are too hot for all the covers, and just want to curl up with a good book and cup of tea? Perhaps just a quick siesta to rest the eyes would suffice. A bed throw would be a rather nice option.

What Kind of Throw Suits You?

Throws come in different designs, shapes, sizes and materials. You can get them to just barely cover yourself. Or they may come long and skinny to cover your feet. You can find them fuzzy, frayed, white and colored. The style of throw you purchase only shows a glimpse of who you are. Throws are available for children, who sometimes enjoy them more than regular heavy blankets.

Keeping Warm

Many times there may be a cool chill in the morning or night air. It is simple to wrap a throw around you and warm back up. Bed throws aren’t just for bed. They make a wonderful addition to the comforts that keep you snuggled in at night. Bed throws, also make a quaint addition to the back of your favorite chair. When you watch a movie and something isn’t quite cozy enough, a throw can make all of the difference.

Throws For Everywhere

A cool night breeze at the local fall festival can chill you to the bone when you least expect it. It is convenient to have a bed throw in your car. Whether for yourself, a neighbor or child, instant warmth can be felt just by wrapping up. Office personnel may even enjoy having a throw nearby. Somedays the bosses will turn the air conditioning up wide open, and all of the sudden it’s an ice box. Bed Throws can be neatly folded and easily stored in a closet or desk drawer.

Look For Quality

It is always important, when you are looking to buy anything you research the product. Bed throws have unique textures, and designs. They have various thread counts, and thickness. The heavier ones may make for a good nights rest. Thinner ones may be just what you need to relax. Bed throws can enhance any room, and provide soothing warmth. Please yourself, comfort yourself, and do it in style.

Five Unique Ideas for Coffee Tables in the Modern House

The typical coffee tables of past decades are now old news. The dining table is an underrated, key piece of furniture for the living room. It at times can be the housing for remote controls and entertainment, and can be a resting place for quick, informal dinners and refreshing beverages. Adding a unique coffee table that breaks the typical mold can be the perfect eye opener for guests as they enter your home.


Try finding coffee tables that combine old world charm with sleek modernity. A coffee table consisting of a rustic wooden tabletop sitting on top of an industrial-style metal cylinder is a perfect example and it is an excellent conversation piece.

Wagon wheels have become a popular choice for rustic-looking coffee tables. Covering it in glass and finding sleek, minimalistic legs are a perfect way to create your own, unique coffee table that brings generations of style together into one.


Asymmetrical coffee tables are the perfect way to make your living room stand out. This standard of style is great because it is so versatile. An asymmetrical coffee table can look modern, retro, or even medieval. Don’t be afraid to be bold. A coffee table is a relatively small piece of furniture, so it’s okay if it’s the first thing somebody notices.

Apothecary Chest

Apothecary furniture has actually made a great impact on modern design. Although it’s made to look rustic and vintage, it can also look fantastic next to a modern, brightly colored couch or in front of a sleek, shiny entertainment center.


Instead of settling for a traditional rectangular coffee table, try opting for something that works both together and separately. There are many modular or tiered coffee tables on the market today, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Try choosing one that complements your seating furniture. If you have a bright red or dark black couch, a light pine-colored modular coffee table works great. Also, modular coffee tables are great for when guests are over, because you can easily move each piece around to act as end tables.

Go Big and Tall

Most traditional coffee tables are low to the ground and out of sight. If you want to break the mold with your living room furniture, why not start by changing this stereotype and choosing a coffee table that is taller or bigger? Just be sure not to go taller than the back of your couch, because then it could surpass that “interesting” phase and end up simply looking awkward.

Square Nail Brush: Not Just for a Surgeon’s Scrubbing

Many a TV show has featured scenes of a surgeon preparing for surgery, scrubbing their hands thoroughly with a square nail brush that gets a bunch of grime and bacteria out from under the doctor’s nails as they soapy up their hands over and over before holding them aloft in the air to dry naturally before using their backs to open a door as a nurse slides surgical gloves atop their ultra-clean hands.

There’s a good reason for this practice of ultimate cleanliness, and it’s not just to benefit folks who work in environments where sanitary practices are paramount, like hospitals and eateries. And even though brushes may not be widely used on the forearms and hands of doctors as was widely practiced in prior years, there are still benefits to keeping a nail brush nearby in our homes, and using them as part of a daily cleaning regimes.

Cleaning with the friction of brush bristles

Nail brushes can be essential for performing an effective cleaning of the hands. In the same manner that brushing the teeth can remove particles that simply using mouthwash alone doesn’t catch, brushing the nails while washing hands can help to remove dirt and pathogens and microorganisms that hide out under and around fingernails and the nail beds.

A bathroom blessing

Without getting too gross, scientists have confirmed that the virus primarily responsible for food borne illnesses represents one that usually happens in the bathroom, via the fecal-hand-oral route. It’s not that there’s necessarily a plethora of people skipping the all-important hand-washing ritual post using the restroom, it’s potentially due to the fact that a simple dousing of liquid soap and hot water doesn’t always eliminate some of the nasty stuff burrowing away beneath the nails.

A wooden-handled nail brush to the rescue

Say hello to the nail brush with the wooden handle, natural bristles and a rope for ease of storage to help bid au revoir to dirty hands, helping you scrub in places that normal hand washing might miss. Even natural nail aficionados agree that using a nail brush to clean your nails can help promote a health nail bed and encourage overall growth of your nails. Many manicurists use a nail brush as an essential part of the preparation process prior to many procedures.

Seems like a no-brainer. Time to finish up writing and typing and go put some soapy warm water and a brush to these nails!

Bespoke Bookcases

Once you work so hard to collect that perfect book collection it’s only natural to want to display all your hard work and efforts for everyone else to admire. Not only that but proper storage of your books means you’ll be able to access them a whole lot easier. Bespoke bookcases are a wonderful option when looking into a way to store and house your books that keeps them safe and easy to reach.

Bespoke bookcases are ideal for those people will a large collection that would actually like to turn their book storage into part of the decor. What bespoke means is that it has been made to measure to your particular space. There is bespoke furniture of all types, bookcases is just one such item. You’ll be able to design the size, configuration, and finish. This is not your average big box store laminate bookcase that you lean against the wall.

A bespoke bookcase can be as small or as large as you want. Typically you’ll see an entire wall or more covered in a bespoke bookcase utilizing every square inch of space with a creative and attractive design. They are common in small spaces where storage space is hard to come by and they’re also common in large spaces where you want to devote an entire room or area to a library.

Because they are custom-made they can fit any type of space and accommodate for things that might otherwise get in the way. There’s no need to have a straight flat wall, as obstructions can be built right into the bookcase. Build around your bedframe, doorframe, windows, a fireplace, and anything else.

Another bonus is choosing a bespoke bookcase is that you can choose the wood you’d like to use and its thickness. There is the ability to even add lighting to your bookcase if you want that truly grand feeling. Bookcases can even include shelving for CD and movie collections, as well as other collectibles you’d like to display.

Because these are custom made you’ll need to find a furniture maker that specializes in bespoke furniture. Before the project begins measurements will need to be taken so a plan can be drawn up and your quote can be formulated.

Bespoke bookcases are more than just a home for your book they add character to a home, create extra storage space for other items, and create a real sense of style in the space.

Keep Your Coffee Table Kid Friendly

When you have little children at home, you probably make good use of your wood coffee table for them to use for coloring, playing, eating and other associated activities.  A coffee table is just the right height for most toddlers or little kids to sit at when in the living room and use as a table.  However, this can also cause your coffee table to get dirty.  Crayon lines, milk spills and tiny fingerprints are just some of the ways they can dirty up your furniture.

Liquid Spills

No doubt you probably use coasters for any cups or glasses that may be sat on your coffee table, but people don’t always use them and little kids probably bypass them as well.  Besides, accidents can happen and you can have everything from water to milk to wine spilled across the surface of your coffee table.

To properly clean up after a spill, take a clean, soft cloth to wipe up the excess moisture as quickly as you can.  Wood is porous and you don’t want it to get into the grains of the wood.  You also don’t want the liquid to solidify because then it becomes a sticky mess that makes it harder to remove from the wood.

If a white stain develops on your wood table, that means moisture has been trapped close to the surface of the coffee table.  You can try to carefully buff it out with a clean cloth and rub it with the grain of the wood.  If that doesn’t work, try buffing it with a denatured alcohol or mineral oil.

Crayon Marks

If you little one went outside the lines and accidentally colored on your wood coffee table, don’t fret.  Most crayons are made out of wax and the mark should come off by gently buffing them with a paste made from baking soda and water.  Form the paste and apply it to the crayon mark.  With either a clean cloth or old toothbrush, carefully buff out the mark and clean off the paste from the wood.  Apply furniture wax when you are done to protect the wood.

When you dust and clean your wood surfaces, you don’t have to use an expensive furniture polish.  Mix the a few drops of olive oil with a couple of drops of vinegar or lemon juice to form your polish/cleaner.  Apply it to the surface of the cloth and gently rub the wood with the grain.

Table Solutions For Various Occasions: Do Your Food Justice

Most of us prefer to eat in front of our television sets. We forgo the usual dinner chitchat and proceed to the living room with a plateful of food. Unbeknownst to many a frustrated housewife, the reason is the dining room atmosphere. Therefore, a stark table devoid of any sort of decoration will inspire people to look for something more entertaining.

If you are guilty of this crime, remedy the situation with a great table setting. Please note that we can only provide design ideas. Therefore, if your cooking is the main reason why people do not congregate in the dining room, we cannot provide you with tips to remedy that.

Top Your Tables

Decorate your tables and ye shall be rewarded. Consider purchasing tablecloths in vibrant hues. Make sure that you match your over-all theme or at least, compliment the colour of the walls, vases, dinner plates or curtains. If you cannot find a tablecloth that suits your tastes or budget, consider going to a fabric store and buying fabric instead. You may have to sew the edges or cut it to suit your table. However, the result will be more to your liking, compared to a drab tablecloth.

Invoke The Power of Themes

Consider themes like Funky Friday, Monster Monday, Tipsy Tuesday and more. Decorate your table according to your theme. You can purchase party hats and matching paper plates at your local party store. Please note that you can use your regular dinner plates, albeit with creative napkin rings. Your children will find it more appealing, owing to the pomp and decorations. Trust us, even your usual fish and chips will taste better. It may go down faster as well.

Table Centrepieces

Centrepieces add life to even the most boring tables. Consider using vases, decorative plates, scented candles and such to bring your table to life. Glass vases can be filled with water to make room for colourful sand, scented candles or even freshly cut flowers. These types of decor look elegant and romantic at the same time, perfect for your anniversary or a Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

Get Loud

Consider using vibrant-coloured plates and stoneware to make your culinary endeavours come to life. Purchase plates that are melded to resemble animals or those covered in fun geometric patterns. There are no rules when it comes to decorating. Therefore, take the liberty to let your imagination run wild.

If you are someone who finds it hard to decorate, yes there are people like that, consider browsing through the Internet for table decorations that suit your taste. This will make it easier for you to come up with a game plan. If some colours, fabric patterns, glass vases, dinner plates or other accoutrements are unavailable in your area, choose one that resembles it best or opt to check online for sites that sell what you are looking for.

Decorating your dining space is relatively easy, and it is quite a rewarding experience. You can find numerous table settings online that you can use as an inspiration or start from scratch to come up with a unique theme that is truly your own. All it takes is a bit of imagination. Source: chestofdrawers.co.uk